A fire and special perils policy cover financial losses to real property resulting from fire and other allied perils. These include earthquake, hurricane, flood, riots and strike etc.


This policy covers all risks of physical loss, destruction or damage to the insured property which occurred during the policy’s period and is subject to certain terms, conditions, and exclusions. This policy provides a wider coverage range than the Fire and Special (Allied) Perils insurance policy. Noting that the PAR policy can be tailor made depending on the profession clients and their requirements, extensions are available under the Property All Risks Insurance Policy to include coverage against many other risks.




Consequential loss coverage reimburses the insured for business costs due to damaged facilities or equipment. For example, business interruption insurance can cover situations that result when the loss of revenue occurs due to events such as an extended power outage or a flood. Consequential losses are those resulting from property damage or personal injury. In particular, this also includes so-called "unreal" financial losses, such as reduction of income, loss of earnings or loss of use, which are a consequence of the previous event. Consequential losses are not covered by ordinary insurance policies, unless specifically included on payment of additional premium.


Plant and Machinery All Risks Insurance Policy provides cover for plants and machinery against unforeseen physical loss or damage that may arise from the occurrence of perils that are included in the insurance cover. The policy also provides coverage for loss or accidents to machinery used at construction sites based on the agreed terms of the policy. There are a multitude of negative risks (environmental, physical and occupational) that plant/machinery are exposed to, as well as the operators and those who hire them.




Contractors' all risks (CAR) insurance is a non-standard insurance policy that provides coverage for property damage and third-party injury or damage claims, the two primary types of risks on construction projects. Damage to property can include improper construction of structures, the damage that happens during a renovation, and damage to temporary work erected on-site. A CAR insurance policy also provides coverage against losses or damages caused to property by fire.

Third parties including subcontractors may also become injured while working at the construction site. CAR insurance not only covers those associated risks but also bridges these two types of risks into a common policy designed to cover the gap between exclusions that would otherwise exist if using separate policies.

CAR insurance coverage is common for such construction projects as buildings, water tanks, sewage treatment plans, flyovers, and airports.