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Claims Process

In the event of an accident please:

  • Avoid confrontation at all costs to minimize any possible conflict
  • Take photos or sketch the scene of the accident
  • Do not move vehicle if anyone has been injured.
  • Ensure that the injured parties seek medical attention.
  • If vehicles are moved, their positions should be clearly marked.
  • Do not accept liability/responsibility for the accident or request any other(s) to do same.
  • Exchange information with the other driver(s)- Drivers’ permit, insurance, telephone contact.
  • Report the accident to the nearest Police station within 24hours (accompanied by the third party where possible).

Any accident or occurrence that is likely to result in a claim should be reported to Bankers Insurance Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited as soon as possible.

For General Insurance Claims:
Report the claim to our claims department at our Head office, South and North.