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- Motor Vehicles - Comprehensive & Third Party Only

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The person or company who is licensed by the state to sell insurance for one or more specific insurance companies. The Insurer (insurance company) authorizes the Agent to represent in negotiating, servicing, or effecting insurance policies.

An insurance endorsement is a change to an insurance policy that adds to or restricts the original coverage terms. It may not be part of the original agreement, however it becomes a legal part of the policy once it is added

An Excess is a fixed amount or percentage of an insurance claim that you as the policyholder is responsible to bear and which the insurance company deducts from the claim payment due to you.

Documents for Insured with Comprehensive Coverage:
Completed Claim Form | Certified Copy | Vat Letter | Copy of the driver’s driving permit | Estimate for Repairs | Police report receipt

Documents for Third Party Claimants:
Completed Claim Form | Certified Copy | VAT Letter | Copy of the driver’s driving permit | Estimate for Repairs | Police report receipt | Coverage Letter (Letter from their Insurance Company)

Documents for Insured with Third Party Coverage:
Completed Claim Form | Copy of the driver’s driving permit

Fire, Lightning and Explosion of domestic gas | Bursting and Overflowing of Pipes and Water tanks | Burglary, Housebreaking, Theft or Larceny | Damage by Aircraft or articles dropped therefrom | Impact by Road Vehicles, Horses or Cattle | Strikes, Riots, Malicious Damage | Hurricanes, Windstorm | Earthquake, Fire and Shock | Flood or overflow of natural water courses | Damage to property caused by falling trees.

Your home is likely to be one of your largest financial Investment. Homes are vulnerable to natural disasters, burglary and vandalism. In order to insulate your home from such financial risk, you would most likely want to buy homeowners insurance.

Information and documentation are tailored to the legal regulations and by CBTT, however, a completed motor proposal form (this form records information on the insured and the insured vehicle), the vehicle registration documents, a valid driving permit for the insured and one (1) other form of identification and proof of address.

The company’s reputation, their claims settlement history, their service delivery and the company’s financial stability. Customers should be satisfied that the insurer has quoted them with a competitive rate consistent with their driving experience, age and vehicle specifications.

The Policy holder any licensed driver with the insured’s permission. However, the driver must be over the age of 25 years and holding a Driver’s License for not less than 3 years.

A Comprehensive Insurance policy provides cover for your vehicle against loss or damage by collision, fire, theft or malicious acts. Additional benefits for which an additional premium is paid, will provide cover for extra perils (for example, flood, hurricane etc.). Comprehensive Insurance also covers your liability to a third party in the event of an accident up to the policy/statutory limit.

If you are liable for or cause injury to or damage the property of other motorists, pedestrians, passengers, etc., you will have a legal liability. Third Party insurance relieves you of this liability by paying these claims on your behalf up to the policy/statutory limit. Third party insurance does not provide cover for your vehicle against loss or damage.

This is an extension to the Third-Party policy which provides protection against fire and theft caused by accidental loss to the Insured vehicle.

An Insurance claim is a Notification to an insurance company that a lost has happened and requesting payment of an amount due under the terms of the policy.

Firstly, contact the police immediately, secondly, report the incident to Bankers Insurance at any of our offices. A claim representative will contact you to advice of the steps and procedures going forward.